Can You Cheat IQ Tests ?

Cheating at standardized IQ tests is generally not possible and defeats the purpose of taking the test. The reason it is very difficult to cheat at IQ tests is that they are designed to be taken over many hours.

They generally have questions designed to catch people not providing genuine answers and supervised to avoid people using computers or smartphones to assist with answering the questions.

Many high quality IQ tests are also designed so that even if you used the internet, for example, to help answer the questions, any advantage gained would be outweighed by the extra time taken to research the answers.

Online tests are probably more susceptible to cheating as they are not as comprehensive as offline tests. Also, if you take them again and again you will probably see the same questions come up and perhaps be in a slightly different order.

So to be clear, continually take tests for the sole purpose of increasing your score makes the results less valuable in assessing a person's IQ.

If you are taking an online IQ test or quiz, you should use the first score you receive as an indication of your relative performance to other people taking the test.

IQ tests are at the end of the day are a relative measure of intelligence compared to other takers of the test. That is, they are not an absolute measure of intelligence.

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