Privacy Policy

At we value your online privacy and as such it is important that you understand our privacy policy and site terms.

In order to provide you with a great user experience we use various tracking mechanisms such as cookies in order to provide the right information whilst you're on this site.

It is important to understand that we may choose to run third party advertising on which may use their own tracking and as such it is important that you read the privacy policies of any advertisements that you may click on.

If you are not comfortable with tracking information being recorded you can clear your cookies and leave Please note that tracking is standard practice across virtually every website you visit on the internet.

For people who achieve a high score ranking the high score, nickname, country, time and IP address are recorded. Only the Nickname and High Score is displayed on the site.

Other information is recorded such as high score details so we can respond to abuse or profanity used left on the site. If you wish your name to be removed from the high score list please contact us and you will be deleted from the list as soon as practicable.