Need a High IQ for Financial Success ?

Having a high IQ does not guarantee you financial, personal or career success. Whilst there do exist people with high IQs achieving visible success that are as many people who have succeeded in life as a consequence of their motivation and hard work.

When you consider IQ as a contributor to success that's exactly how you should view IQ - as a single component amongst many that make up the whole of person and the ability of that person to succeed in what they put their mind to in a manner of speaking.

In some business circles a high IQ can be seen as a disadvantage in that people may analyze to the point of inaction - analysis paralysis. They overthink and are unable to make decisions with components of risk. For example using emotional intelligence skills such as Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Social skills, Empathy and Motivation.

Another factor that can influence success in life is the common sense trait. Some highly intelligent people simply struggle with common sense approaches to life challenges and daily living. They're lacking street smarts which can hinder their success.

So it's important to realize that IQ alone will not guarantee personal success and it is simply one part of the broader combination of skills indoviduals must have in order to achieve and succeed in life and its aspirations.