IQ Quiz Question Sample

When completing IQ quiz questions they mainly deal with hard logic which in everyday life we don't always do.

We generally use a combination of logic, intuition, opinion and advice. Here's a sample question and the working out to get the answer.

Say you have a question which says, Tom likes all but one of these numbers, which doesn't he like:

4, 9, 14, 16, 25

Looking at these answers you might initially say 25 because it is far away from the other numbers or 16 because the first 2 numbers run a series separated by 5 eg 4 + 5 = 9, 9 + 5 = 14.

If we look at the numbers more closely we see that 4 = 22 and 9 is 32, 16 is 42, 25 is 52, but 14 is not a square.

So Tom doesn't like 14 because it is not a squared number. IQ quizzes will try to distract you from the right answer by giving you some options which at first look seem correct.

So keep practising and your brain will be accustomed to this style of logic and thinking allowing you to score the best you can in IQ tests and quizzes.

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