I Have a Low IQ - What Do I Do ?

If you complete a quiz on IQNoodle.com or other quiz site and get a low score - should you freak out ? Absolutely not ! At the end of the day your IQ is only a portion of your life that influences success.

There are many people in the world who have an average IQ and yet have achieved significant financial business or personal success. How have these people achieved so much with what can be described as average to below average IQ ?

Determination, drive, taking opportunities that are presented and using your abilities to the maximum are some of the answers.

Many successful people of average IQ have succeeded in life as a consequence of using all their abilities to the best of their abilities. They do not listen to negative people or detractors who say they will not achieve much in life.

Id you are determined to improve your IQ scores then keep practising with many quizzes and continue your education even if it's in an informal manner. You may not be using your mind to it's fullest potential especially in the areas of logic and reasoning.

The great thing about IQ Quizzes is that you can take them on a regular basis to monitor your improvements and progress. Success in long IQ tests is also influenced by your mental stamina and ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

If you have never taken an IQ test previously and sit for a 2 hour test as a prerequisite for a job, make sure you find and take comparable quizzes as practise for long tests. It will eliminate some of the surprise and anxiety associated with taking an IQ test.