What is Intelligence Quotient Part 2

There are several software systems which perform IQ testing. IQ tests use a scale with 100 being the average score. People with average IQ have scores between 90 and 100.

People with exceptional IQ have scores in excess of 130. People with developmental problems score less than 70 in IQ standardized tests. Standardized IQ tests are generally not available for free online. They're usually conducted by trained professionals who are skilled in interpreting the test results.

Experts argue that IQ tests can not give an exact picture of a person's intelligence as they may be affected by environmental factors during the test.

For example visiting the doctor to get a blood pressure test lead to elevated results due to white coat syndrome causing elevated anxieted affecting the results. Similarly high anxiety can cause a decrease in IQ test performance.

Also, IQ tests do not measure things such as a person's musical talent and other inherent abilities which may make contibute to a person's success in life. In fact many successful people can have low IQs however use other abilities to succeed in life in financial, sporting, artistic or other speciality.

IQ needs to be viewed only as a measure of relative intelligence compared to the rest of the population. Recently there has been research done in USA which suggest that IQ scores need to be only used as a measure of mental quickness and should not be taken as an indicator of a personís experience, wisdom or memory attributes.

That is, it is to be used as a guide and not an absolute measure of a person's intellectual capability or predisposition.